Fully Integrated Flight Department Software for Operations and Scheduling

Everything your flight department needs from takeoff to success

Everything is Connected

All of the tools are connected and allow you to share data with anyone in your organization based on role or permission.
  • We maintain Corporate Flight Records that meet corporate compliance for reporting
  • FAA, SEC and IRS Compliance at the core of how we help you track your data
  • MEL and Discrepancy Tracking
  • Verify Recency and Currency before Assigning Crew
  • Track Training
  • Track Licensing and Medicals
  • Integrated Individual Pilot Logbooks
  • Export data to personal flight log software
  • Step-by-Step Operational Risk Assessments
    • Easy to understand risk questions
    • Removes subjective assessments
    • Improved accuracy
    • Standardization of assessments
  • Immediate SMS and email Alerts if risk score exceeds the tolerance you establish for your team
  • Hazard Reporting Built In
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Ready
  • Your data is stored in its own database and never co-mingled
  • Security audits are conducted continuously to ensure compliance with current best practices
  • Flight Crews operate remotely by definition so traditional security just won’t do.
  • Rapidly Build Trips and Produce Trip Sheets that both travelers and air crew will actual use
  • Operational Trip Control with Releases
  • Digitally signed Logs and Releases
  • Positive Control over Passenger Information
  • Keep everyone up to date on what is occurring:
    • Planned Maintenance
    • Discrepancy Management
    • Digital Sign Offs
    • Alerts for Schedulers and Crews

Our integrated flight scheduling tools allow the rapid creation of trips over any date range.

Get Started Quickly

We handle onboarding your aircraft and staff. 

Built for Results

Optimize key workflows by working with one of our experienced aviation managers to start reducing operational inefficiencies.

Peace of Mind

Everything is integrated from start to finish and resides on your own dedicated server, backed up as changes are made.  

No WIFI, No Problem

Wifi is not always guaranteed when you’re traveling. But whether you’re 30,000 feet in the air or in the back of a car enroute to the next FBO or Hotel, work has to get done.

FLTDepartment.com’s new iOS App makes it possible to access flight department data without internet. View trip logistics, trip sheets, passenger data, FBO connections, training records and gather expenses, it’s all there —no network connection required.

The best part? Any changes you make offline are automatically synced across the app and made available to your flight department as soon as you reconnect!
FLTDepartment.com iOS App


Better Leaders. Better Decisions. Better Results.

It’s still a human world where integrity, experience and relationships matter. We’re here to connect the most successful Aviation Managers of small and midsize flight departments so — together — we can share expertise, challenge one another to think critically and arrive at better decisions.

Expert 1:1 Guidance

Access to hands-on flight department guidance every step of the way. Working with an experienced aviation manager you will get the attention to detail you need.

We Build It For You

Have a unique or complex need, our experienced team of developers can build it for you.  Cutting time and costs. It’s the easiest way to go from dream to done.

D.I.Y 24/7 Support

Every account comes with access to free 24/7 support and access to our how-to guides.

We have some really great customers. Here is what they have to say.

Tom M.Aviation Manager
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I was skeptical ... but the ease of use is tremendous and being able to track all of our trips and the many details is amazing. After trying other tools, I was tired of others trying to change the way we worked. These guys get it and created tools that work the way pilots work.
Maria C.
Maria C.Department Manager
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It was challenging to get all of our data consolidated from several other programs into one, but they did it. We have seen remarkable benefits using FLTDepartment.com, not only in the time-saving aspects of managing trips, but also in the level of insight one can get from the data. FLTDeparment.com has helped us take informed decisions. A big thank you from our team!
Mike B.
Mike B.GIV Captain
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To be quite honest, expenses were a real hassle before I found FLTDepartment.com. I am away from home for 3 to 5 nights per week, and can be away solidly for long periods of time. I would come home from a trip and just think ‘where do I even start?’ There were bags of receipts in suitcases and laptop bags. It wasn't very organized! It was our accountant who then introduced us to the service, and it has been a dream. I can enter expenses as they occur right from the trip sheet on my phone or the iPad. Catering, gpu tickets, hotels, taxis – all get snapped straight away while I’m out on the road. At the end of the trip I click submit and expenses done! I have saved countless amounts of hassle and time and can focus on being home when I am home and not doing paperwork.

Reducing Operational Inefficiencies

By eliminating operational inefficiencies, you can make sure your staff are not dealing with frustration and placing your operation at risk.

We can outline what you can do to address 3 key areas where most all departments have inefficiencies that affect their entire operation.

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