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FLTDepartment.com is a flight department management software platform that helps corporate flight departments reduce operational inefficiencies and mitigate risk. Created by a pilot and refined by an accountant, FLTDepartment.com was founded with the intent to help organizations achieve greater efficiency through data-driven decision making.



In today’s highly competitive business environment, managing aircraft has never been more challenging for companies of any size or industry – especially those whose primary focus is not based in the aviation industry and have to manage the complex operating requirements of Corporate Flight Departments.

The complexity can be overwhelming: tracking hours flown, expenses incurred, crews on duty; all while minimizing risks such as improper utilization or inaccurate tracking causing additional maintenance costs.

While each flight department is unique and adhere to the same set of rules, they might be operated differently. So, the company has refined over time the ability to address these pain points in the industry by creating customizable workflows that allow each company to operate in a manner that makes sense for them.

Understanding each flight department must track flight logs, track expenses, ensure their crews are current & qualified and much more. By providing other tools for efficient operations. FLTDepartment.com operates on a simple premise: “We make your life easier.”